Parts Specialist


The Parts Specialist program is a 1-year program with 1920 hours of training. ASLA has identified 28 competencies in the field that an apprentice needs to become proficient in to complete the program.

Some of those competencies are:

  • Learn basic job responsibilities. Including, but not limited to, the proper use of safety equipment, time-tracking procedures required by management, properly using and storing hazardous materials, and complying with state and federal consumer protection agency regulations.

  • Learn the basics of general operations. Including, but not limited to pricing, percentages, discounts and warranties, specials pricing and handling charges, converting measurement units, tools/parts sizes, numbering systems, cash handling, security, and credit card invoicing and processing, engine identification, and housekeeping skills.

  • Identify major components. Identify component function and common reasons for replacement. Identify related items, including fluids and service chemicals. Provide basic use, maintenance, installation, and warranty information. Related tools 

  • Identify tools and vehicle information. Including, but not limited to, locating and interpreting VIN and production date, body styles, paint codes, RPO codes, and specific system tool requirements.


  • Must be 18 years of age

  • Must have high school degree or GED

  • Must have valid driver’s license

  • Must have internet and computer access

  • Must be physically capable of performing the essential functions of the apprenticeship program, with or without a reasonable accommodation.

  • Must submit to illegal use of drug check

  • Agree to and follow ASLA’s guidelines and Best Standards of Practice

  • Must provide resume and 3-5 minute video

  • Membership fee with ASLA is $1400 per year.
  • The fee includes drug testing, e-verify, textbooks, materials, recommended curriculum, tracking program and static cling logo.
President Trump signed an executive order that will impact apprentice programs for the better. We are temporarily not accepting application until we can determine the changes coming from the Department of Labor Office of apprenticeships. Please check back later. Mike Davidson President ASLA