Mike began his automotive career in 1984 as a car detailer at a GMC dealership. He started working in independent shops in 1992 and opened Parkway Automotive in 1998. He joined RLO Connor’s Bottom-Line Impact Group in 1999 and graduated from the Automotive Management Institute in 2000. Mike was voted Arkansas’ NAPA/ ASE Technician of the Year from 2001 to 2008. He joined Elite Pro Service Peer Group in 2008 and continues to be an active member. He has been a business coach for Elite Worldwide, a published author, and a presenter at multiple conferences across the United States. He created a live interview seminar called Hiring for Keeps in 2013 and developed an automotive apprentice program approved by the United States Department of Labor in 2016. He is a member of the National Speakers Association. He is married with four grown children, resides in Alexander, Arkansas, and is a member of The Bible Church of Little Rock.


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