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Automotive repair shops need qualified technicians.

Automotive Training

DOL Approved Apprenticeship Plan (AAP)

The Industry Essentials AAP was created to develop future automotive technicians using a comprehensive, hands-on automotive curriculum. The curriculum is easy to implement with clear guidelines, set hours and easy tracking of progress.  

A list of automotive technician competencies with specific hours in each section are provided along with training material, recommended related training, tracking mechanism, and guidelines.


It’s easy to follow with measurable results!



Apprentices should be screened before acceptance into the program. Resumes and bios are available to assist mentoring facilities in the interviewing and placement process. An hourly wage of at least minimum wage, is paid to the apprentice as they begin your program. Built into the program are pay increases which are earned as the Apprentice reaches specific skill-based milestones. Apprentices work through ASE Certification Tests as competencies are reached.


At the successful completion of the program, Automotive Apprentices can earn ASE Certification, and a certificate of completion from the United States Department of Labor.


The goal of the apprentice program is for the mentoring facility to retain their properly-trained and motivated apprentice at the end of the program.

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