Hire an apprentice. Provide a Mentor. The two work together. Apprentice Gains Skills and Produces Billable Hours. You Hire,  Train and Retain a Valuable Employee.

Industry Essentials has developed a hands-on training program for the apprentice with recommended curriculum and set-hours. 

Apprentices are guaranteed a progressive increase of wages starting with minimum wage. Most veterans will qualify for benefits under the GI Bill which can reduce your labor cost.

INDUSTRY ESSENTIALS’s list of automotive technician competencies with specific hours in each section are provided along with a recommended curriculum, tracking mechanism and guidelines.

Some of those competencies include:

  • Learn safe behaviors of an automotive technician.

  • Learn theory and operation of today's technology.

  • Learn the flow of electricity and how it is used in communication of today's automobiles.


  • Business License

  • Tax ID #

  • Be in business for more than one year

  • Can identify a mentor who is willing to partner with apprentice and meets qualifications

  • High Speed Internet Access

  • Tools and equipment available for apprentice use

  • Industry Essentials Registration and membership fees paid 

  • Willingness to share experience and give back to the community


Apprentice Implementation plan


We  provide you with an attractive, clear and concise learning plan for your mentor and students


DOL Approved Apprenticeship program includes a mentor Guide and US Department of Labor Approved Work Process Schedule. Once Installed your program gains credentials for the student upon graduation


The plan includes information so that you can identify a mentor within your organization

Information on how to find an apprentice

How to engage the apprentice into the program

A representative meets with your mentor to explain his responsibilities via internet or in person

A representative meets with your apprentice to explain his responsibilities

We register apprentice and monitor progress

Keep you informed of completed competencies

You receive a worksheet to track monthly cost of the program

12 months of consultation

Apprentice submits monthly report to our office until graduation from the program


We install the apprentice plan, register your apprentice and track their progress for two years for a single fee of  $3995 plus expenses.