Automotive Technician

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The Automotive Service Technician , under the Department of Labor Approved Apprenticeship program is 24 months and 36 competencies. Some of those competencies include:

  • Learn how to test drive and hoist vehicles. 

  • Learn how to check tire pressure, properly inflate tires, and safely remove and install wheels on a vehicle.

  • Learn the basic use and maintenance of all commonly used shop equipment. 

  • Learn how to identify and interpret tire type, size and load capacities through manufacturer markings; along with how to interpret tire wear; and how to safely remove, repair, replace and balance tires. 

  • Learn the basics of electricity. Including, but not limited to, electron theory of electricity, circuits, resistance, currents, battery service and charging, and how to read a wiring diagram.

  • Learn the basics of automotive testing, diagnostic procedures, and perform a battery test.

  • Learn how to perform comprehensive vehicle inspections. 

  • Learn how to perform a basic vehicle transmission and differential service. 

  • Learn how to perform a basic vehicle cooling system service.

The program offers a full time job with a  paid work week. Pay increases are built into the program to compensate for learned skills. There are 36 competencies to learn that take approximately 24 months to complete. Time required may be extended due to certain circumstances.


  • Must be 18 years of age

  • Must have high school degree or GED

  • Must have valid driver’s license

  • Must have internet and computer access

  • Must be physically capable of performing the essential functions of the apprenticeship program, with or without a reasonable accommodation.

  • Must submit to illegal use of drug check

  • Must provide completed application

  • Agree to and follow program guidelines and best standards of practice

  • Registration is $2800 to be paid in two equal payments of $1400 at the start of the program and $1400 one year later.
Job Placement
Most apprentices remain employed at the training shop. However, Industry Essentials has contacts in the automotive industry all across the United States. Many who are looking for technicians. At the end of the program you will be employable anywhere in the U.S.!
Cost Of The Program
The learning environment as an apprentice is inside a modern progressive shop. You receive a personal professional automotive technician as a mentor, access to the latest tools and a job with guaranteed pay raises. If accepted into the program there is a $1400 registration fee at the beginning of the program and $1400 1 year later. For a total cost of $2800. Fill out the no obligation application below